Galeria: Graciela Iturbide

“I am Graciela Iturbide. I was born in Mexico. My father was a photographer. He always took photographs of our brothers and sisters and we were 13 altogether. I loved to steal the photographs from where he would keep them. I actually wanted to become a writer and I wanted to study philosophy. But I come from a very conservative background, so I wasn’t allowed to do that. What I essentially look for everywhere is poetry, be it in literature, be it music… So, who is Graciela Iturbide? I don’t know, I still don’t know. I am still searching for her. But I love poetry, be it in music or be it in Andrei Tarkovsky, Francesca Woodman or anyone else, I just love poetry”.

(Entrevista em fevereiro de 2013)

Graciela IturbideGraciela Iturbide PassarosMexico_Graciela IturbidePajaros_Graciela IturbidePajaros10Graciela IturbideSin_TituloB/N19Graciela IturbidePajaros12Graciela IturbideOjos_para_volar_Coyoacan_Mexico_1991Graciela-Iturbide-Angel-Woman-1979

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