Michael Stipe on the road with Patti Smith

“My primary interest in terms of the arts was photography, from the age of 15. That was the same year that I heard [Patti Smith’s] Horses. The two, in my head, always went hand in hand.”

“I was just taking pictures ‘cause I always take pictures. The tour was almost over when I got the proof sheets, and I had them on the bus and was showing everybody. ‘ Wow, there’s really something here; this might be a great subject for putting a photo essay together. ‘ … I didn’t go out with the intention of creating a book. I’d have taken better photographs if that was the case. I’m very proud of it. It’s very much a reportage kind of blur of images and portraits and places. It’s not really that similar to the stuff that I do typically”.

“It’s very simple, it’s all black and white. It’s a simple tribute; it’s a valentine”.

Michael Stipe. Two Times Intro: On the Road With Patti Smith.

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“When I open this book I seein my mind two men whose images do not appear inside. The first is my late husband, Fred Sonic Smith. In 1979 I withdrew from the public eye to devote my life to him, our children, and our work. But his early death in November of 1994 obliged me to leave Detroit and return to New York City. The second invisible man is Bob Dylan. He learned of my plight and invited me to tour with him. He encouraged me, assuring that the people would embrace my return. Bob Dylan, as was Fred, is a very private man and although he was often in our presence, Michael never took his picture.”


“I met Michael Stipe in Michigan in 1995. He had called me on February 14 from Barcelona, Spain. I did not know him, but aware of the passing of my love, and anticipating my loneliness, he called to wish me a Happy Valentine’s Day. That was the first time we spoke, and the last time he would be a stranger”.

Patti Smith, prefácio de Two Times Intro: On the Road With Patti Smith.

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