Michael Stipe: movimento rápido dos olhos

I took pictures before I made music.
I was 15 when I became aware of CBGBs and the whole punk scene happening in New York, and then Patti Smith’s Horses came out. So that for me was a huge turning point in my life. Just prior to that my father had loaned me his Nikon and I would shoot black and white photos. I took a course in photography when I was 13 or 14 years-old and that just became something I always did.

I’ve taken pictures my whole life. It was always a kind of diaristic thing. I shot the things that I saw that were interesting to me, but it eventually became more and more surreal as my life became more and more incredible. I had these really amazing experiences and relationships, and I’d find myself in these very odd places. I just happened to have taken pictures the whole time.

Michael Stipe

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